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    Welcome to Caring Carolina’s Web site.  A sixth grade Tech Team designed this site.  We all attend Leslie M. Stover Elementary School in Elgin, SC.

Flags flying half -mast to honor the victims of September 11th

    This Web site is focusing on how South Carolina and South Carolinians have reacted, felt, and helped after the September 11th events.  To get all of our information, we had to do sidewalk surveys and interviews.  Another thing we did was have an art and writing competition among South Carolina students.  We also had to research newspapers, such as, The State, The Greenville News, Chronicle-Independent, The Country-Chronicle  and The Sun News. We watched the news and news shows and took notes to write our site. We did research on the Internet everyday. After we logged in over 1,000 hours of doing research, we stopped keeping track of our time.

      Looking at newspapers from September 9th and 10th, the headlines were talking about shark attacks and Chandra Levi. Then looking at newspapers dated September 12th until the present, those all talk about terrorism, bin Laden, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Homeland Defense, anthrax, airport security, and things we had never heard or thought of before.  Yes, as the headlines indicate, our lives have changed dramatically. What was once our normal, no longer is normal to us.  As South Carolinians and Americans, we now live with a new awareness and  new fears.  Hopefully our Web site will help people respect the events of September 11th, gain a renewed patriotism, and realize how South Carolinians have helped to heal our nation.

            Our site is lovingly dedicated to Capt. Dan McCollum who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  If we place in the competition, we will donate our prize money to the Capt. Dan McCollum Scholarship Fund.  We strongly encourage you to make a contribution too.  Donations may be made at any Bank of America in the Midlands or mailed to:

Capt. Dan McCollum Scholarship Fund

P.O. Box 566

Irmo, S.C.  29063


    Please e-mail us at: caringcarolina2002@yahoo.com  with any comments or questions.  Please check our "What South Carolina Has Done to Help" link and e-mail us if you can donate a resort house for a week to someone that has been directly affected by the events of September 11th.