Endangered Species
of South Carolina

Each day, animals throughout the forests, wetlands, beaches, and urban jungles of densely populated cities are dying.  Rare birds and forest fauna perish under the onslaught of continuous construction through forest habitats.  Marine animals die from pollution and debris in their habitual water, and they pay for litterers' crimes by themselves-with their lives.  Birds are shot by people uneducated in their value as wild animals in this state, adding beauty and a sense of freedom each day as they fly serenely through the skies, before the crack of gunpowder igniting and plummeting down to earth in a mad spiraling frenzy.

This site is dedicated to informing the public on how they can help to conserve the endangered flora and fauna in South Carolina.  Information on laws concerning endangered and rare animals in South Carolina are included here, as well as profiles for each individual plant and animal currently on the South Carolina Endangered Species List.

We hope that, in viewing this web site, you will be educated in the dangers of continued pollution of and construction through the natural habitats of wild animals.  We hope you will understand the wild beauty of a free, unconfined, alive animal; the grace and fragility of the unfurling blossom of a plant growing in the woods, softly unfolding to the moment of its utmost beauty.  We hope that viewers will learn what it means to be free - utterly free.

 The South Carolina Endangered Species Act

 South Carolina Endangered Species


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