The Ghost of Poogan's Porch

Poogan's Porch is known for its fine cuisine and unique ambiance, but there is more to this old Charleston restaurant that meets the eye. Before Poogan's Porch was a place of dining, an old school teacher named Zoe St. Amand inhabited the house with  her sister Liz St. Amand. In that time period, it was not suitable for a school teacher to be married so the two women lived alone. After many years, they both passed away, leaving the house open for auction. In the mid 1900's, Poogan's Porch Restaurant was established, and began making it's trademark for old Charleston cuisine.

Many of the visitors, mostly tourists and downtown business merchants, have enjoyed a lunch or dinner in Poogan's Porch anticipating the appearance of the ghost of one of the school teacher's who inhabited the home years ago. The walls are covered with newspaper articles and stories of citings of the ghost. 

The dog named Poogan belonged to Zoe St. Amand; and after she passed on, the restaurant owner found the dog and later it passed away. In memory of Poogan he named the restaurant after him.

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