Boiling Springs, SC History

Created By: Gennie Truman, Amber Tollison, & Kelly Beach

Students of Boiling Springs Junior High School

Line Drawing of Daniel Morgan


      Boiling Springs was known for its bubbling springs.

      Boiling springs got its name because of the springs that were found.

      The Cherokee Indians used to live on the land until the European settlers ran them off.

      The Indians hunted in the region, and used the springs as a source of fresh water.

      Many Indians passed by the springs as they went through the countryside.

      Trappers flowed the same trails.

      Boiling Springs has been here since the Revolutionary War.

      A battle was never fought in Boiling Springs.

      The land of Boiling Springs was mostly used for farming.

      Cotton gin and general store used to be beside the springs.

      Over the years, the area of Boiling Springs has grown.










   Boiling Springs Schools

      The middle school used to be the high school and the elementary school.

      It was built around the 1940s.

      Most of them have been torn down.

      They had an one room schoolhouse.

       A lot of other schools were built farther back then the 1940s.

      Some of the schools were Shoally School, Boiling Springs, and Oakland Elementary School.




   Our Historic Graveyards

      A lot of famous people were buried in many of the old graveyards.

      Some of the graveyards were Tucks Mill, Rowland Cemetery, and Holden Graveyard.




   Year 2001

      We still use some of the old buildings that where built back in the 1940s.

      It used to be a very small town.

      Every year the population grows

      There are approximately 35,000 people in Boiling Springs now.

      In the year 2005, it will probably be double the people in Boiling Springs.






       Reflections of a Community Boiling Springs Remembered  

  Compiled by Boiling Springs Friends of the Library