Waccamaw RiverThe Ghost of Hagley

On a moonlit night in 1918 a Georgetown man learned that phantoms still walk the earth.  Eugene F. LaBruce was a boatman.  He carried people from Georgetown to Pawleys Island.  One day, before his passengers arrived, he decided to take a nap.  He had a dream about a bridal couple who had just been married. In his dream another one of the bride’s boyfriends came to the wedding.  He was a Confederate soldier.   The soldier noticed he was too late, his true love was already married to his best friend. So he jumped into a river. The bridal couple jumped after the soldier. When Eugene awoke he was no longer alone. The bridal couple and the Confederate soldier were there, too. Suddenly they vanished. The last time Eugene saw the three ghosts he was riding in a car with his friends when the ghosts appeared in the road, and still they walked hand in hand. Since then, these three spirits have been seen time and time again.  Sometimes the bride and groom are hand-in-hand and other times all three stroll together.

Hagley Landing is located on the
Waccamaw River off of US 17,

approximately 11 miles north of Georgetown.

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