Lowcountry Ghost Walk

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Lowcountry Ghost Walk



The Lowcountry Ghost Walk offers a brief encounter with some of Charleston's most haunting ghosts. This 90-minute tour allows tourists to get a taste of some Charleston's history, through a mixture of Gullah Legends, haunted inns, resident ghosts, and assorted stories. Established in 1994, it was the first year-around tour ghost tour of the Charleston area and has since become nationally recognized.

Only three months after it had opened, the Lowcountry Ghost Hunt (as it was originally called) was shown on CNN's travel guide on October 31, 1994. Due to this broadcast and others on such stations as the History Channel, The Travel Channel, and USA Today, the ghost walk has become one of Charleston's most popular attractions.

Some of the stories you might here on the ghost walk include: The Ghost of the Whistling Doctor, The Story of Sue Howard's Ghost, The Legend of the Gray Man Ghost, The Boo Hag Legend, The Story of Isaac Hayne's Ghost, and The Ghost in City Hall.

Based on books such as Charleston Ghosts by M.R. Martin and Doctor to the Dead by John Bennet, the tour is constantly being updated by researchers.