Oral History of Rural Belton Community Schools











 In 1955, numerous small community schools were consolidated into Wright Elementary School. Wright Elementary is named after E.J. Wright. He was a legislative delegate from the community and was on the school board of directors. It was his decision to keep the school in the community.  Wright elementary is located in the northwestern portion of South Carolina and is situated in eastern Anderson County. The school serves students in the communities of Ebenezer, Long Branch, Mount Bethel, Snow Hill, Broadway Lake, Lake Secession, Bethany, Craytonville, Jones Chapel, First Creek, and Asaville. This small community schools that were consolidated to make Wright Elementary were Asaville, Snow Hill, Ebenezer, Mount Bethel, and Bethany. 
Many generations of students have now attended Wright Elementary School. It has been very interesting to hear the oral history of our school and community as told by these former students and former teachers.



Mrs. Wanda Hart

Mrs. Jackie Medlock

Mr. Ivey Lowe

Mrs. Hazel Alewine

Mrs. Margie Drake

Mrs. Brenda Snipes

Other School Pictures


Team Members: Lauren Trumbull- 4th grade, Ryan Shelton- 1st grade, Ben Major- 3rd grade,
Douglas Gilliland- 3rd grade, Alicia Duncan- 3rd grade, Seth Wright- 3rd grade.

Special Thanks to: Lana Major, Cynthia Clinkscales, Connie Lowe, Brenda Snipes